• The best way to find the most suitable property in Turkey you look for is to visit the area and view the properties. We provide free inspection trips to visit the area and view the selected properties.
  • These inspection trips are ideally 3-4 days, so you should organize your schedule accordingly. We have finished everything with some clients-visits and paperwork in 2 days; however, real estate investments should not be squeezed in such a short time and you should be comfortable with your decision.
  • If you wish, our travel partner can arrange your trip with our cooperate discounts including flight-hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, bosphorus tours, any VIP services, rent a car, any guided services, reservation for an event, restaurant, concert, etc.
  • We provide one to one inspection trips suited to the client’s requirements and budget. We suggest the first day to spend on arrival, checking in the hotel and getting rest for the upcoming busy days. One of our consultants picks you up from the airport and drops you off to your hotel or wherever you stay at. On the way from the airport and/or over having a cup of coffee, we go over your property search criteria one more time in person, the portfolio we selected for you according to your needs and preferences and the itinerary of the inspection trip as well as answer any questions you may have.
  • Next morning, one of Memory International team members will pick you up from the hotel to visit the area and view the properties in Istanbul. Although there is no obligation to buy, most of our clients find their perfect property investment they were looking for. We spend the third day to complete the paperwork, paying the reservation deposit and discuss after sales services. The clients fly back home on fourth day or in the afternoon of the third day. We also suggest the fourth day for enjoying Istanbul and perhaps for some shopping