We as Memory International provide a complete real estate solution at one stop. You do not want to deal with local issues and local people who may have language barriers and little experience working with foreigners after you buy a property in Turkey.

Our after sale service is an important part of your property purchase when you buy a property in Turkey through us. That distinguishs us from the most of our competitors.

Rental management service: If you decide to rent your property after the delivery of your new home in Turkey, we assist you with the rental management of your apartment in Turkey.

We provide this service with global real estate standards. We find the suitable tenant, take care of the contract and get the tenant to make the rent payment to your account. You do not deal with local real estate agents in Turkey which you may not get so pleasant experience.

Re-sale service: If you would like to sell you property whether you have bought it through us or not, we will help you sell it at the best market price in a reasonable time due to our strong local and international sales as well as through our strong agent network we have developed over the years of experience in the sector. Again, you do not deal with local real estate agents in Turkey which you may not get so pleasant experience. You also get re-sale service through Memory International with global real estate standards.

We take care of all paperwork for you and you get it done with no hassle through us. Please contact us for more details.

Furniture service: Our after sales team will assist you in furnishing your new flat in Turkey. Since we sell several properties to international and local clients, we have cooperate agreements with well-known brands and get discounted prices from them. If you use our furniture service, our team will help you choosing the furniture, arranging the delivery and receiving them as they were ordered. Unfortunately, that could be really frustrating, inefficient and time consuming if you do not know Turkish.