Memory International Real Estate and Consulting’s core business is to provide real estate services in Turkey to international clients. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Memory International provides properties in Istanbul mainly in Istanbul but also properties  in : Yalova, Sapanca, Bursa, Abant, and Trabzon/Uzungöl and properties on Aegean and Mediterranean coast with its partners.

We know that providing real estate services in Turkey to local clients is different than that of international clients. It requires a comprehensive understanding of international clients’ needs and preferences and more importantly, capability of fulfilling these needs and preferences with a skilled and experienced team.

Unlike many companies offering to international clients every property in Turkey or any properties in Turkey they sell, we carefully select the suitable properties only for our international clients. We know that our international clients would like to be close to the airports, public transportation, shopping malls and touristic attractions, live in a safe neighborhood or in a gated community with good social facilities in which they feel comfortable leaving their families alone when they are away, to be in the neighborhood that internationals are welcomed and more comfortable than too local neighborhoods, to have a sea or lake view , to have payment options or to have an outstanding global property investment opportunities in Turkey.

We are also aware that our clients’ time is really valuable and also limited not to come several times to visit too many properties. With the help of our dedicated work, most of our clients ended up finding their dream home in Turkey or investment property in Turkey after the first inspection trip. However, that great success does not come so easy.

  • First, our portfolio development team finds suitable projects according to our international clients’ needs. They evaluate the projects in terms of location, prosective developments of the area, landscaping, facilities, amenities, etc. then check legal and technical qualifications of the developer and the property, do due diligence on each developer and last evaluate the investment point of view of the property -capital gain potential and rental income.Our portfolio development team constantly top-picks 30 projects out of 100 projects in order to offer our international clients a wide range of options.
  •  Second, pre-sales team carefully listens to you to understand your specific needs and criteria and answer any questions you may have to make a comfortable investment and then offer you selected properties accordingly. Before you come visit the properties, our pre-sale team sends you a detailed presentation about the selected properties and then discuss them on the phone or by email, so you have a good understanding of the project, its location, specifications. Then, our presales team arranges your airport pickup, your trip and inspection trip.
  • Third, our sale team member welcomes you at the airport. Your sale consultant organizes and carries out your personalized inspection trip and provides consultancy on buying process, legal and tax issues and gives investment guidelines. If you decide to make an investment, he codes with all the necessary things such as getting a tax number, opening a bank account, notary and translation services, title deed procedures.
  • Fourth, our after sales team meets with you to go through our after sale services after you purchase a property. We know that our relation with the clients does not end with the sales. We provide a complete solution for our clients. We help you with our furniture, interior design, rental management services or we get your Turkish residence permit and many more.
  • Fifth, our administration/support team including international real estate lawyer, certified public account, residence and work permit consultant, our IT team and other back stage team members is our secret hero to provide you an excellent service.
  •  Last, our 100% customer satisfaction goal makes us improve our service quality every day. Very positive results of our clients’ satisfaction surveys and more importantly, our clients’ constant references to their relatives and friends motive and make us enjoy what we are doing. Our clients consider us professional, trustful, experienced and friendly. We really hope that you will be among our satisfied clients soon.